My letter to Suffolk

By now you have been inundated by countless number of emails regarding Michael Avery. Not to continue to assault your establishment, but unfortunately when an employee speaks out he or she projects that opinion on behalf of the establishment they are employed with.

Michel Avey has the privilege of the freedom of speech because of the very reason our brave men and women have assumed the responsibility of defending our country. In my opinion, it is the cowardice of Mr. Avery that lends him incapable of understanding the simple phrase “freedom is not free” He needs to understand that there are factions in the world that have one desire, kill Americans.

Trust me Mr. Avery, if the Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban regime had their way, they would not hesitate to take your life or mine. It is offense or defense. Didn’t 911 teach you anything Mr. Avery?? They killed over 3000 innocent people just going to work. They didn’t do anything except go to their jobs. Mr. Avery, what makes you or me any different in their eyes? Why aren’t you outraged about the innocent Americans who gave their lives because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were attacked, and we attacked back. Remember Pearl Harbor, same scenario.

As a 3 tour Viet Nam veteran, I understand that we have an obligation to defend our freedom, this includes people who are too stupid to understand that the choices they make today are due to the sacrifices they never had the opportunity or the backbone to make. Someone else had to sacrifice for them. Mr. Avery, you are hiding behind your desk like coward. You are not deserving of the precious blood shed for your freedom. You are an embarrassment to America and its proud people.

Mr. Avery should be relieved of his responsibilities so he can pursue other interests. With any luck, it will be out of our country.

Go away Mr. Avery and leave our precious land. We will not miss you and may God bless your journey!

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