Herman Cain has received enough flack regarding sexual harassment accusations. The only reason he is under the liberal microscope is because he is a definite threat to Obama. There isn’t one individual who has an impeccable past. I say take a microscope to the reporters and the journalists and see what type of skeletons are roaming around in their closets.

This country has serious problems, what happened to a front-runner 15 – 20 years ago is of little importance to a family who cannot afford groceries, heat or a decent job to provide same. Common America, let’s get back to who is actually qualified to run this country. If we stay on the current course, your children and your children’s children will be living under another countries rule or under a box. Lets get back to, “this is OUR country”, and the elected officials should be governing for the benefit of the people!

Remember, we the people, not we the government. By the way CBS, NBC and CNN and the rest of you, get back to reporting the news and break the habit of spinning the news. You are part of the problem not the solution.